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Maksym Rylsky

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Maksym Rylsky

  • The Crimson Evening has burned down…

    The crimson evening has burned down

    And sheds its ashes upon the city,

    The necklace of street-lamps

    Is sparkling over the Dnipro.

    With daily voices faded,

    The heart is quiet, sad, and clear.


    The night, the lamp, the thought, the loneliness,

    The snows of paper, just yet mute,

    The quiet anxiety of creation,

    The lips shut in silence,

    A scarcely formed intention

    Beckons the heart to the road again.


    6 of December, 1963 – January, 1964

    (Maksym Rylsky. Collected Works: in 20 vol., vol. 4. Kyiv Naukova Dumka, 1984, p. 349.)

    The poem was never a part of any collection book, first published in Vitchyzna Magazine in 1965. It belongs to the so called ‘third blossom’ period of Rylsky’s creativity, as, during the Khrushchev Thaw, he returned to the poetics he had been working on in 1910-1920s.

Concerning with the letter:

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